When autumn arrives, many people look forward to the autumn colours of leaves, cool breezes and autumn flavours. However, the dry autumn air can cause rough hands. Exposure to the cold, dry wind can make hands feel brittle and uncomfortable. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep your hands clean and dry! With proper hand care routines and the right autumn seasonal items for your hands, you can keep them soft and supple.

Moisturise is key: don’t forget to moisturise!

The autumn season is gradually becoming drier and drier. Moisturising is crucial to prevent moisture loss from the skin. Choose a hand cream or lotion rich in moisturising ingredients and apply it thoroughly after washing your hands and before bedtime. Try products containing naturally derived ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera or jojoba oil.

Gentle cleaning: use mild soaps

Frequent hand washing is important to prevent autumn colds and flus, but using harsh soaps can further dry out your hands. Choose a mild hand soap made from natural ingredients that is gentle on the skin and protect skin moisture when washing hands.

Natural hand sanitizer

Naturally derived hand sanitisers are a skin-friendly and environmentally friendly option. Manufactured from organic ingredients, aloe vera, essential oils and plant-derived alcohols, they provide a clean feeling free from harmful chemicals while keeping hands moisturised. The natural fragrance also provides relaxation and promotes personal health and environmental care.



Night-time care

Give your hands special care before bedtime. Start with applying a mask to your hands followed by a moisturising night cream, then wear cotton gloves to lock in moisture. In the morning, you will wake up to soft, moist hands.


Night cream:

Regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps moisturisers penetrate more effectively. Try a gentle hand scrub or exfoliation product appropriate for the autumn season to keep your hands smooth.

Protect your hands: use gloves

Gloves are a necessity during the colder autumn months. Choose warm, breathable gloves to protect your hands from the cold wind and prevent moisture evaporation. Look out for stylish gloves that are perfect for the autumn season but also made using natural materials.

Protect your hands: use gloves

Skin care is not only about external products, but also from the inside. Drink enough water and consume foods containing vitamins and essential fatty acids to promote skin health. A balanced diet has a positive impact on skin health, including hands.

Do not neglect your hands during the autumn season. Keep your hands well hydrated and protected during the autumn season by following a proper care routine. Your hands can also retain their beauty while you enjoy the beautiful autumn season!

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